Mother's Day Cards

Sunday 8 March 2015

Mother's Day is a week away and there's no better way to show your appreciation to your mum than a card to fill your thank you's in. Made With Love have a lovely variety of mother's day cards for you to choose from. There are also other cards, gifts and stationery available.

I received the moon card (£3.50) and the Alice In Wonderland card (£4.50). The cards have a pearlescent finish which is really nice and makes them worth the price, they're a great quality and can be personalised on the site. I love the design of the cards, including the ones on the website. They're so different compared to ones you find in most card stores. I love how the moon on the moon card is a soft watercolour print, the styles are just perfect. I'm so excited to give them to my mum. Well, I'm going to give her the Alice In Wonderland one, the moon card will be from my sister. 

I had a look on the site and the interiors are so nice. Everything is my style so I will for sure be buying from the site. It's really worth giving a look at. Don't do what I normally do and leave it till the last minute, get a pretty personalised card from Made With Love :) 

What are you planning on getting your mum and how will you spend the day?


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