Summer Scents

Saturday 15 April 2017

It's well known that certain scents trigger memories, which may be why I love perfumes and fragrances so much. I received a PAIRFUM large bell shaped diffuser in 'Innocent Vanilla'. The large quantity and reeds ensure a long lasting fragrance from 6-9 months. It's worth investing under £40 for something that will last so long, looks amazing and smells even better! I've put mine in the living room, which is rather large and connects to the kitchen. Within a couple of hours I noticed both rooms had freshened up and smelt amazing. The dogs stay in this room too, so it's great to have something to keep the room fresh and smelling pleasant. 

There are so many beautiful fragrances to choose from, including 'Trail of White Petals', 'Magnolias in Bloom' and 'Bergamot & White Tea'. You can find descriptions on their site which explains the scents, helping you find the perfect one! All of which are natural and non toxic, making them safe for your family. 


  1. I've been looking for the perfect reed diffuser for so long now - one that isn't overpowering like the ones I've had in the past. This one sounds lovely and I think it is definitely worth investing in a nice one as they seem to last for ages! <3


    1. I love how subtle it is, yet completely transforms the room. It looks really pretty too!

      Leah x


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