Getting ready for Summer

Sunday 9 April 2017

Today is the hottest day of the year so far, which is making me so excited for summer! You just can't beat a bit of sunbathing. To get you in the mood for summer too, or to help you prepare for your summer holidays, I have a review of a beautiful one piece swim suit I received from UK Swimwear. They have a wide range of swimwear and beachwear, with a variety of styles to suit younger and older women. 

The swimsuit is a halter neck which I love, I only have bikinis so it's nice to mix it up. The top half is a very flattering pattern which contrasts really nicely to the lower half. The mid section features a mesh detail which breaks down the block colours and makes the waist look great. The overall fit looks amazing and every detail of the swimsuit has been thought out to create something flattering. It has a very modern feel which I don't tend to see in swimsuits. 

It also has an open back which makes it look rather slimming and shapes the body so well. I was not expecting a swimsuit to be so flattering and well fitting. If you look on their site, you can see how well it fits and contrasts. I can't wait to wear this on holiday!  

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