Great new flavoured milk drink you need to give a try!

Friday 3 April 2015

Emmi have expanded their iced coffee products to include chocolate milk. The two flavours are original and caramel. They both taste really good, I haven't had chocolate milk in ages and now I'm addicted. The lid is really handy, it's like the coffee cups you get when you're on the go which makes it's perfect for travel. I normally have one on my walk to sixth form. Since I tried them out I've been popping into Tesco, purely to buy a few. They also have a caffe latte range, I tried the cappuccino and vanilla flavour; both were amazing. My favourite of all is the choco lait caramel, I would recommend it for sure. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did!

At the moment they're running a daily competition every day for 100 days to win an iPhone 6. Just visit the website and take a look at the daily challenge, upload a photo of the required task and you could be in the chance of winning an iPhone 6! 


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  1. I adore these coffees! Can't wait to give the new flavours a go :)


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