Your Tea

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Your Tea has a range of teadox's. I recieved the Tiny Tea 14 day teatox. It works effectively in cleansing your system. It's recommended you follow their eating plan during the teatox to further results, however if you already eat healthily I would say you'll be fine. You can't expect a teatox to cleanse if you continue to put the bad stuff in your body.

There is a wide range of tea's available on their site such as 'skin magic tea' which claims to help with acne, 'sleep tea' which assists with anxiety and stress and even a 'man tea' which helps with a number of things.

Tiny Tea helps with bloating, indigestion, skin, cellulite, increasing energy and reducing excess weight. I feel as though it worked very well considering skin. All you can do is gain benefits from trying it. Teatox's are an interesting way to get your system in shape, physically and psychologically. 

I'd say it's an acquired taste. It has a very asian tea taste, like Oolong tea. If you know your oriental teas, you'll tell it tastes a good quality. Even if you don't enjoy the taste I think it's worth getting used to, just to see the benefits it has. Your Tea does everything it claims. I felt energised, I'm normally very sleepy but this definitely lifted my mood. However it gets cold quickly, so don't be someone like me who forgets they have a tea beside them.    



  1. Hii hun, just wanted to ask, what camera do you use? love blog post and photos xxx

    1. I used my iPhone 5c for this post, I've also used my Samsung WB100 on my older posts x


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