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Saturday 15 July 2017

flat lay of skin care on duvet

 MARIO BADESCU Silver Powder: Not only does this powder reduce the appearance of blackheads, it appears to unclog them and reduce redness. My skin looks brighter and clearer right after use. It's pretty easy to use, you just have to add water to create a paste and then apply where desired. I only use this once or twice a month so it lasts a long time which makes the price worth it! 

MARIO BADESCU Drying Lotion: This lotion is really effective on spots and encourages you to reframe from squeezing spots as it stings if you put it on broken skin! Other than that, it is gentle on sensitive skin. I dip a cotton swab into the pink powder at the bottom, simply dab on any spots and leave it on over night. I don't regularly get spots but this is a great product to have if any pop up as it acts so fast! 

KIEHL'S Midnight Recovery: This is the easiest product to use! I just apply the serum on my skin and let it do its work overnight. The dropper has a push like button on top so you can control how many drops you want. It's recommend you apply is every night, but I still notice an improvement in my skin by using it every now and then. With frequent use, my skin feels toned and firm.

BLOOMTOWN BOTANICALS The Grove: This oil has a grapefruit scent, which I love! It's super moisturising on skin, but also works amazingly as a hair mask or add a few drops to the water for a relaxing bath! I'd love to try more Bloomtown products as this has worked so well for me. I have a lot more favourite skin care products, so if you'd like to see an entire post on my all time favourites, let me know in the comments below! If you have tried any of these products I'd love to know what you thought about them. 


  1. These all sound lovely, and they look so pretty in your photo! Thank you for sharing
    Amy xx

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