Menorca Travel Guide 2017

Monday, 10 July 2017

port at mahon, menorca

Menorca is a small Balearic Island off of Spain. It's a fairly untouched island so it's not swarming with tourists, making it easier to focus on the culture and beauty surrounding you. Ciutadella is a great place to go for shopping, food and culture. There is also a beautiful port.

ciutdella town hall

The plaza del born in Ciutdella is very picturesque with its town hall that dates back to the  19th century, surrounded by medieval buildings and beautiful gardens. It's such a great place to explore on foot.


The markets have a lot of clothes stalls and menorcan sandals (avarcas) pretty much anywhere you go. There are also a lot of pretty tapestries for sale and the typical tourist gifts. Last year I found an amazing stall selling crystals and geodes for amazing prices, but unfortunately it wasn't there this time around! 

fountain at ciutdella

garden at ciutdella


palm trees

building in old town

building in menorca

port in menorca

pacha mama store front

Ciutadella has lot of cute shops, one of my favourites is Pachamama, they have a lot of beautiful jewellery and handmade bags. Such a great collection compared to most of the other shops! 

silver purses and jewellery

pop shop store front

POP SHOP in Mahón is a great shop, very different to the others in the capital. I love shops like this as they have really cool and different products that are quite hard to find elsewhere. Like these huge unicorn candles! 

unicorn candles on shelf

cactus candles on shelf

flamingo and cactus salt and pepper shakers

If it wasn't such an awkward shape I would've bought the two bottom crates! I think this will be a DIY I try out if I can find a similar crate. 

faux plants and wooden crates

A great lunch spot is right outside Pretty Ballerinas in Mahón. Their menu has a great variety but they specialise in paella. I chose from the tapas menu as they're smaller portions and ending up going for the paprika nachos and a few other bits. 

pretty ballerinas store front

street in mahon

melted cheese on nachos

After a little drive, we randomly came across this quiet beach in Es Canutells. There are a few steep steps to get to the main beach but it's so worth it. The views are amazing and the sea is incredible. Something I always miss from my holiday is the crystal clear sea, perfect for scuba diving!  

menorca ocean

ocean in menorca


boats on ocean

boats on ocean next to cliff

Binibèquer has a cute area full of seafood restaurants, little shops and hidden bars. 

shoe store front

flowers outside of white building

tourist gift shop

These are the sort of tourist gifts you'll find around menorca, not particularly to my taste but if you look around carefully you can find some pretty pieces that look like they're from anthropologie

menu at seafood restaurant

The seafood restaurants smell amazing, it's hard to decide which to go to as the menus so sound appetising. This one didn't sound as appealing but it had more vegetarian options. I ordered some garlic prawns which were delicious, we also ordered a bunch of tapas to share and try. 

outdoor dining area

outside of building

The store (COLL Creative Living) below is also great place for homeware, with their cute cushions and purses. They also has some amazing rugs I wish I could've got! 

outside of building

cushions on shelf

blue chairs used as clothing rack

plants on trolly outside of store

palm trees

building with clouds behind

A hidden bar in Binibequer, Menorcan Cocktails. It's a really cool sort of outside bar. It feels really secluded and has a decent cocktail menu. 

cocktail bar in menorca

menorca dining area

menorca dining area

pina colada with pineapple and coconut half on top

I ordered a piña colada if you can't tell by the pineapple and coconut!

cocktail sign

picture of leah

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments if you've ever been to Menorca or would like to go! 



  1. Great travel guide, babe! My mouth is watering after seeing those Doritos Nacho type thing, hahaha

    xo| Cindy Elena

  2. Super enjoyable post to read! I've been but oh my goodness the photos you captured make me seriously want to visit!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume ♡

    1. Thank you Sophie! It's such a beautiful island!

      Leah x

  3. Aw I'd love to visit Menorca one day! I've been to Mallorca but I think this little island would be so much calmer!


    1. I've been to Mallorca too, it's bigger but definitely more touristy, I do love it there too though. It barely takes two hours to drive from one end of the island to the other in menorca

      Leah x

  4. Nice photos!! There must be a relax place for holidays!!

    1. Thank you! It really is! But there's also a lot to keep you busy

      Leah x

  5. I've always wanted to visit Mallorca, but haven't go the chance mate in the future. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful pictures.


  6. Your pictures are gorgeous! Those trays are so cute and the nachos looked amazing!
    Great travel guide!
    a life of a charlotte

    1. Thank you Charlotte! They're really cool I wish I could've got them!

      Leah x

  7. this place looks amazing! so much fun things to do!

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  15. Nice photos!! There must be a relax place for holidays!!

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