They only want you for your body

Thursday 18 May 2017

Anatomicals that is! A witty brand with an amazing skincare range. I love buying their face masks for my friends birthdays on Urban Outfitters, but I'd never tried them for myself... until now! 

You can find anatomicals on their site but they are also stocked in Superdrug and ASOS

Possibly the best idea ever! The pun is amazing and I love how the gel inside is red, making it even more vampire like. this soothing eye mask relieves eye bags. It can easily be put in the fridge to use the next morning for a fresh awakening, but can also be placed in hot water for a more relaxing afternoon. I rarely get puffy eyes, yet I still find myself using this as it feels so nice! 

This next product is huge! Quite literally... this soap is the size of a mango (but smells like a grapefruit). It lathers up amazing, smells great, it does the job and its such a good price for the size! It's going to last me forever. 

With a total of 10 deep cleaning strips, 5 for the nose and another 5 for chin & forehead, there's no doubt this pack will completely obliterate blackheads. I've noticed how effective it is as cleaning pores, you can really see an instant improvement. I have quite sensitive, dry skin and the cleaning strips are thankfully kind to my skin and haven't irritated it. My sister has also been trying them out as she has oily skin. 

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