Milani Matte Lip Cream Review

Tuesday 13 September 2016

SHADE: Amore / A gorgeous red with pink undertones. (Vegan)

PRICE: £8.00 / For half the price of most liquid lipsticks, the price is very affordable.

WHERE TO GET IT: Beauty Bay 

APPLICATION: The wand is flexible which helps to apply the product evenly with control. The way the applicator is shaped makes a huge difference, it hugs the curvature of the lips so there is no need to apply more layers trying to fill in gaps. The formula runs on smoothly and drys to feel like your natural lips, rather than that uncomfortable tightness some other liquid lipsticks tend to leave. 

LASTING POWER: Supposedly it should last 16 hours but it fades much faster. Although it doesn't become patchy or uncomfortable when it does fade so it's easy to reapply. 

I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try out liquid lipsticks or even someone who is already obsessed and looking to try out new brands! 

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