Ginvera Marvel Gel Review

Monday 1 August 2016

Ginvera Marvel Gel is an exfoliator with Green Tea. It is very different in the fact that it contains no micro beads which makes it even kinder to skin. I have quite sensitive skin and most exfoliators either sting or dry out my face. This gel is also anti ageing which may be why it is the most popular blackhead treament in Asia. It works with any type of skin but I think it's perfect for dry and sensitive skin. The gel is great for removing dead skin cells, blackheads and any other impurities. The green tea also encourages brightness. One thing I love about this product is the fact you can apply it onto dry skin and as you massage it into the skin it begins to dry and flake. This makes it so much easier to remove and you can see it working. I have noticed my skin feels softer after applicatiginon and I was surprised to see that it does remove blackheads. When it comes to skincare the more natural the product and kinder to skin it is, the better it is. Y


  1. never heard of that brand, but it looks lovely :)

    1. I saw it on a few times too, glad I tried it because it's amazing!


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