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Wednesday 4 November 2015

the folly boutique are a rental company, providing beautiful jewellery for a reasonable price. There is a variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings available to buy or rent. I chose these rings as I like a more minimal style, a lot of the designs on folly are unique. 

The prices to rent the pieces are great;
Mei-Li Rose Ring (midi ring) - Buy: £74 or Rent: £18 (for 3 days)
Tessa Metcalfe (single claw ring) - Buy: £59 or Rent: £15 (for 3 days)
Mei-Li Rose Ring (rain drop ring) - Buy: £138 or Rent: £18 "
House of Bourgeois (Anaconda ring) - Buy: £135 or Rent: £27 "
Tessa Metcalfe (three claw ring) - Buy: £85 or Rent: £21 "
I think the price is great, perfect for parties and events, things like that. I tend to stick to the same rings and a bunch are wasted, so this was you don't have to fork out £100 for something you probably won't wear next month. You do however have the option to actually purchase it too which is great. 

This tear drop ring is a really interesting shape, I haven't seen many rings that pop out like this. The design is super simple which I love, it also feels a decent quality. There are rings you can tell are cheap, so at least you won't be disappointed when it comes to quality if you do spend £18 to rent them.

 The rental service itself is really easy and simple. Everything arrived undamaged and in pretty packaging. It was easy to return, all you have to do is pop everything into the prepaid bag and drop it off at the post office. 

If you want to try it out; Get 10% with the code LEAHMARRIOT10What do you guys think about this service? Would you rent jewellery? 

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