18th Birthday Haul!

Thursday 5 November 2015

I was lucky enough to spend my 18th at Disneyland Paris! I'll upload a post on what I got up to, but first... birthday haul! I love reading birthday hauls, they give me ideas on what to ask for, so hopefully this will enlighten your wishlists. 

These are most of the presents I received from my family and friends. One of my favourite presents out of the lot, that I asked for from my parents, is the white and gold crosley turntable. I'd already bought I few vinyls so this was well needed. It's a lovely colour and matches my room, it's more expensive than the other crosley turntables but it's much bigger and has more features. My white fujifilm instax camera is also a favourite and I have made good use of it so far. I've wanted an instant camera for a while; so I looked online and compared prices and sizes. This one is for sure the best one to get considering convenience, it's small enough to fit in my tiny bag I used when walking around Disneyland. It looks cute too. 

Yankee candles are always a great present, I love them! My friend got me 'beach holiday' and 'white gardenia' to match my blue and white room. The candle holders are from next and although they're intended for tea lights, I'm going to use them for these candles. 

I also received an origins mask which has really helped unclog my pores. I got a few samples with it to try out their other products and origins is already on my Christmas wish list!  

The cashmere matte collection from essie is so nice! comfy in cashmere and wrap me up are the shades I got and they last long with great coverage. The champney's gift box is another lovely present, the candle inside has such a strong scent it smells amazing! 

This YSL lipstick is in the shade Ultimate Beige, the formula is moisturising and well pigmented. The packaging is also really pretty. I love neutral lipsticks and this is such a lovely shade for any collection. 

Swarovski earrings are really pretty, I wanted some that I could wear everyday and these are perfect. They're really sparkly which is a must have when it comes to earrings. I also got some Nike Roshe run trainers in black with a white tick. These were perfect as I got them before I went to Paris. They are so comfortable! I wore them all day for 6 days so I can guarantee these are worth the purchase. The last present I received was a bunch of Lush bath bombs! Including Intergalactic, The Experimenter, Golden Wonder, Shoot For The Stars and Sex Bomb. I wish I had the money to purchase every single Lush product, everything I've tried has been great. 

Here's a list of some of the things I got in case you were wondering; 

Swarovski earrings
Crosley turntable
Fujifilm instax camera
Nike Roshe Run trainers
YSL Lipstick
2016 Organiser
Lush Bathbombs
New Look earrings
18 wine glass
Essie nail polish
Origins face mask
Candle holders
Ted Baker spray and lotions
Friends frame
Jack Wills body lotions

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on what to add to your wish list, or maybe what to get someone else. 



  1. Yankee candles are my absolute fav and the perfect gift 😍🙋🏼 I really want one of these cameras too, would you recommend them ? Is the quality of the picture good?
    Dolly Lou X X

  2. They smell so good! I really like the camera, I'm still trying to master outside photos, my first attempt was way too bright. I'd say the quality is good, I'm sure more expensive instant cameras would produce a better quality photo. I'm going to do a review which will involve what they look like, it's easier to see them than explain. xx

  3. Guuuurrl this is defo lucky!! The products are so cute, sophisticated and basically goals! Happy belated 18th birthday! I hope you had the best time :) Those earings are super pretty <33 I really love small studs and totally agree that they're so much more comfortable to wear. I'm loving your blog so far also, it looks amazing and I like how it's easy to get around with. Would love to explore more!
    Mind checking out our blog? We are also 18 and very passionate but new to this. Thank you! Much love xx

    1. Hello! Thank you, I'm very thankful for everything I got, I love it all! Glad you're enjoying my blog; I'll be sure to check yours out too! x


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