Sugar & Spice Review

Wednesday 28 October 2015

A girl can never have too much make up! Well, that's debatable, but how could you resist these bright products from Sugar & Spice?! Sugar & Spice have a variety of beautiful make up in amazing shades. You can get the smoky look tin for £12 and the #SUPERSELFIE GUIDE is just £19.99! It's a great price for the amount of make up included;

As you can see, there are a lot of shades! The set includes eye shadows, lip glosses, blushers, bronzers, powders, brushes.

There are plenty of colours and tones of eye shadows, with some very interesting names! 

These shades are probably the most pigmented and shimmery! They're really pretty and would look interesting in a smoky eye. 

The blue tones of these shadows are beautiful, I love the shade cornflower. Like all the shades, they're bright and pigmented. They last fairly long and with such a huge variation you can create tons of looks! 

Super Smoky Glamour is an easy way to create a smoky look! You get everything you need. I think this kind of thing would be perfect for girls just getting into make up. A great gift for Christmas! The set includes a range of shimmery shadows, a light pink blush, brushes and false eye lashes. 



  1. I wish that in Croatia you can buy more makeup set like #SUPERSELFIE GUIDE

    1. Hopefully the time comes because the amount of make up in this set is amazing


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