Wednesday 14 October 2015

Halloween is fast approaching and I've been putting together the decorations and my outfit. I quickly decorated the front room to get an idea of how I'd decorate it on the night and to see if I need anything else for when my friends come over. I thought I'd take some pictures and let you guys know where to get some affordable decorations in time for Halloween! But first, my costume!

Here's me posing awkwardly in my Halloween costume from Smiffys... There are a bunch of costumes on Smiffys website and every accessory you can imagine; including wigs, masks and hats. Which you can go check out here. I chose my costume because I loved the style and didn't realise until it arrived that it was a 'Venetian tempress'. It fits reallly well and looks awesome. I love the mixed materials, silk contrasting with red velvets. 

At first I thought about making myself a zombie in this costume, just because I wanted to get creative with make up. Whilst looking for make up ideas I saw a few vampire looks and decided to base my costume on Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries. Back in the day she wore similar styled clothing, tight corsets and off the shoulder dresses. So using her as inspiration, I curled my hair and started practising my make up.

I rushed my hair as I wasn't exactly willing to spend ages getting tight curls into my hair, like Katherine's, just for a practice run. Think I'll save all that effort when Halloween comes. When the time does come, I plan to make tighter curls in my hair and make the bits that tie at the back more prominent.

I would be a great vampire seeing as I look miserable all the time!! For make up I tried to get my face a pale as possible using the lightest foundation I had. On my eyes I created a dark look and brushed on veins beneath my eyes, like they do in tvd. I found this random red lipstick in my house and omg it's amazing! It's blake's red from L'Oreal and feels velvety and has an amazing colour. Along with this, I put fake blood all over my chin which was fun..

Now onto the decorations. I put some tape on the door that says 'enter at your own risk' and hung a skull door drape thing just above the door. So when you open the door, the skulls are hanging in the door way. The banner is from poundland and comes with two other banners; the skulls are from the range (£4.99).

This sign, featuring some very tasty specials, is from B&M (99p) and the web is from Wilko. It's hard to find Halloween decorations that don't look tacky, but this sign is a really decent quality and looks cool.

I have no idea what these look like on the outside and I'm sure people who were walking by were wondering what was going on. I think they look pretty interesting seeing as they're just simple black images printed onto a white plastic sheet from poundland. 

B&M have some cute little skeletons dressed up in wedding attire, there's also one dressed as a pirate?? 

This black hanging object is supposed to be a spider chandelier, I thought it would be bigger which is why I was a bit disappointed when I took it out of the packaging. Compared to the real chandelier I'm hanging it on, it literally looks like a spider - it's so small. It's still pretty cool thought, I like having things hanging from the ceiling, makes it feel more spooky. You can get this chandelier from poundland. 

Stating the obvious, I bought a banner saying Halloween. It's really cute and only costs a pound. I win at taking the wonkiest pictures! 

There are so many things on my fireplace... The lights are probably from B&M, along with the candles and the trick or treat sign. All of the bugs and fingers are from Wilko (I think). 

Lantern - B&M

All in all, the best places to get cheap decorations are;

The Range

What are you guys being for Halloween? What are your plans for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I love Halloween!

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  2. Love Halloween! Can't wait to get dressed up! Your costume and makeup looks great!

    1. Me too! Do you have any ideas what you're being for halloween?Thank you x

  3. Loving the costume and decor - such cute trick or treat pack too :)


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