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Monday 16 February 2015

I used to be obsessed with nail polish. I'd just buy colours that looked nice in the bottle, but when it came to it, I didn't like the look of them on my nails. Which is probably why I like this idea. I've recently had a huge clear out as I had so many I've barely used, they were such a waste of space. The concept of Coloristiq is to let you try out the best brands and on trend colours. Rather than you letting your money go to waste by purchasing a nail polish you'll only use once. 

I'd never tried china glaze as it's not in my local superdrug unlike Essie. I was sent three random colours, but if you knew my situation you would have thought I chose them. I didn't have any red nail polish and the green nail polish I had wasn't the best quality, I also love Essie so any colour I'd be pleased with. 

So how does it work?

The box looks like this and has clear instructions on the process, as shown below:

Use my code: Marriott1 for a free month. Due to Coloristiq's direct debit system, you'll have to email the code and they will refund your free month. 

What do you think of renting nail polish?



  1. This is such a clever idea! That green is a gorgeous colour too :D


  2. Love this idea! I'm a Polish addict

  3. How interesting. Love the concept of having to try it out first. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention.


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