Anthropologie and Lush; Haul and Review

Wednesday 6 April 2016

A few days ago I went shopping with the intention to buy some new clothes, instead I came away with tableware... After an unsuccessful trip to a shop involving trying on 15 pieces of clothing and only purchasing one, I went into Anthropologie. I had browsed their online store for ages and had a few items in mind. Most of the things I'd seen online were not in store unfortunately, but it was filled with their new items and a sale! I can see myself filling my future home with everything from Anthropologie, everything is very cute and unique. I haven't even got my own place yet and I'm already thinking about how I'd decorate it! 

I got the following items;

(Unable to find the other mug online)

This cute tearoom bowl has a pretty detail along the sides with a gold edge, there are matching plates available too.


This mug is like a bowl and features a beautiful floral pattern on the inside. This was reduced from £12 to £6.95 so we obviously grabbed two more. The L mug is huge compared to this and has a lovely handle, a bit annoying as you can only fit one finger in it, but still cute. I regret not buying more, they have some great cushions which I NEEEED!!

I've tried many many bath bombs from Lush, but not many hair products. Big is a sea salt shampoo which obviously makes it feel more like an exfoliator. However, the sea salt does rinse out well and it only requires a small lather to work. After one wash I noticed my hair was very silky smooth and got rid of the frizzy mess. If you guys know if Lush makes any other shampoos great for dry hair let me know, otherwise I'll be repurchasing this as it's amazing! The volcano foot mask works amazingly too, the smell isn't great but does go once it's washed off. The bath bomb here is Frozen and it turns your water shining shimmering splendid. It smells amazing, like every single bath bomb from Lush, I'm so obsessed with this one. I'll definitely be repurchasing but I do like to try new bath bombs, so if you have any suggestions comment them down below.

Thank you for reading, leave the link to your blog down below, Leah x 

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