NutriPlan Silver Detox

Tuesday 29 March 2016

NutriPlan Silver is a 28 day detox consisting of natural products to promote a nutritious cleanse. It's a very organised detox which each wallet containing everything you need to kick start a detox, including acai berry shakes, chinese black tea, lean green shakes, matcha tea, spirulina capsules, raspberry ketones and superfood capsules. I love taking the capsules as it literally takes 5 seconds to take them and it doesn't take long until your body absorbs the nutrients. The 'Lean Green' shake is my favourite, you have to add a few ingredients to it but overall it ends up tasting like a banana smoothie which I love. I wasn't a fan of the matcha tea at first, but my tastebuds adjusted and now I love it!? You don't have to have a diet when doing this detox as it is able to target the liver, kidneys and fat stores to flush out the toxins. This makes it perfect for everyone as you don't need to change anything, just add to your diet. 

Let me know if you've tried a detox and how it went!

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