#BLOGMAS DAY 6 // Harlequin Wallpaper Crafts

Sunday 6 December 2015

I received a roll of harlequin wallpaper to create some easy crafts. This wallpaper is from the Amazilia collection and can be found on the site here. It's available in three colours and is perfect for crafting.

To begin I cut out multiple butterflies, these could be easily applied to painted walls to add something interesting. 

DIY iPhone case

What you need:
- Clear iPhone case
- Scissors
- Harlequin wallpaper

Firstly, cut out the butterfly. The aim is to use the detailed wing as a personalised iPhone case.

Then work out how much of the wing you'll cut off to add in  the case.

Once you've shaped it to size all you need to do is slot it in. No need for any glue, just use your iPhone to hold it in place.

You could also use the background colour of the wallpaper, the possibilities are endless. 

Another simple idea is using the designs to create Christmas decorations! Simply glue a peg, grip or even some string to hang your simple, yet beautiful diy decorations. I've just placed them on my tree, so you don't necessarily need any glue for this diy either.   

Lastly, a unique way to make your presents look even more personal, is to stick the prints onto the paper. I've just applied glue on the body of the butterfly to make it look more 3D. 

Hopefully you enjoyed these very simple crafts and look forward to remaking them at home. If you're looking to create your own crafts or you're in some need of some new wallpaper, head over to Harlequin, where you can also find fabric to get creative with. You can also request free samples to see what they look life before purchasing. 


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