#BLOGMAS DAY 4 // DIY Christmas Decorations

Friday 4 December 2015

You guys voted for today's blogmas post to be on diy christmas decorations, so here it is! Just a couple of easy diys to get creative. The first one is a very simple wreath. We got this one from B&M's and bought some 'cold white' battery powered lights. It's as simple as wrapping the lights around the wreath. You can obviously add what ever you like, such as holy, baubles, bells, ribbon and leaves. It all depends on your style and whether you prefer minimal or very detailed. 

We also bought a mirrored lantern which had been reduced. At first we put battery powered lights in it but it didn't look as good as we thought it would so instead we put a candle inside. I also has added a glittery kind of snow which makes it look more christmasy. I suppose this is diy, I put the candle in myself... Hopefully this will spark some more creative ideas than mine. Comment if you like any of it and if you have any diy ideas. 


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  1. I love white light and decorations for Christmas, unfortunately I'm not the only one at home who's planning holiday decoration time... I'm sick and tired of the old red and gold combo, this is why I really like your light wreath!! ;-)
    xoxo and lots of love


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