Everything But The Memories Review

Monday 21 September 2015

 Everything but the memories sent me this pretty collection, including a notebook, pencils and make up bag. The notebook is filled with plain white paper and the title on the cover feels and looks like a metal sticker (It's more 3D rather than a simple print). The font is also really similar to my hand writing which is cool. I've been looking for a notebook to put the polaroids that I take on Paris in, this one is perfect. I plan to make another post showing you what it looks like when I finish it. 

The pencils feature printed messages, there's a wide variety available on the site, from Harry Potter to Alice In Wonderland. You can also personalise your own which is a big part of EBTM, making it perfect for gifts. The make up bag is intended to be motivational (as are the pencils), it's a clever play on words. To me, the make up bag seems to be more suitable for a pencil case. I don't think I'd be able to fit most of my make up in there any way. I love the fonts featured through out the products, and everything is a good quality. 

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