Body Jewellery Shop REVIEW

Monday 14 September 2015

Body Jewellery Shop have a wide variety of jewellery ranging from earrings to nose studs. I was sent heart glitter earrings and a clip on ear cuff. The cuff looks like real two piercings and is a good quality for the price (£1.99). They fit pretty much everywhere around the ear. The hearts are a pretty crystal design. I'm not keen on heart earrings, the heart isn't really prominent enough to notice it's a heart right away. It's a shame there's a sort of black outline, I also expected it to be a rough surface, not something that feels like it's been smoothed over with glue. Despite the earrings being a bit of a disappointment, I do love the ear cuff, it's fits really well and it's simple which is what I like most when looking for jewellery. There are a lot of different designs on their site that you guys should check out.  



  1. Yeah, I was mistaken.. the ear cuff looks like a real piercing!!!
    It looks great! :)

    1. It gives you a good idea what it would look like if you did want to get it pierced I guess haha x


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