BOOK REVIEW // Opal Plumstead by Jacqueline Wilson's 100th book!

Friday 14 August 2015

During primary school I was obsessed with Jacqueline Wilson. Cookie was my favourite, my mum gave it to me when I broke my ankle, something to read during recovery after the surgery. I hadn't picked up a Jacqueline Wilson book in probably 6 years or so but it was interesting to revisit her work. The story goes as follows;
"Opal Plumstead might be plain, but she has always been fiercely intelligent. Yet her scholarship and dreams of university are snatched away when her father is sent to prison, and fourteen-year-old Opal must start work at the Fairy Glen sweet factory to support her family.
Opal struggles to get along with the other workers, who think her snobby and stuck-up. But Opal idolises Mrs Roberts, the factory’s beautiful, dignified owner, who introduces Opal to the legendary Mrs Pankhurst and her fellow Suffragettes. And when Opal meets Morgan - Mrs Roberts’ handsome son, and the heir to Fairy Glen – she believes she has found her soulmate. But the First World War is about to begin, and will change Opal's life for ever."

I would never had guessed that at this age I would come back to her work and be just as intrigued as I was when I was 7. I think I found this book so interesting because it has some rather heavy themes for a children's book. I wasn't expecting there to be so much depth which is why I'd recommend this book to all sorts of ages. It encourages young girls to stay strong through tough times. I don't want to talk too much about the plot as I hate spoiling things. Despite such a tragic ending, I wouldn't fault anything about this book. 

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