LiLash review

Sunday 14 June 2015

This is possibly one of my favourite products, LiLash helps your eye lashes grow longer and LiBrow helps your eyebrows grow thicker. They both work amazingly, I noticed results straight away. If you have short lashes or need to grow out your brows this is the best product for it. 

It's definitely a product to invest in. The application is easy and it dries fast, I forgot to apply in a few times but these are my results after roughly a month;



Both are without mascara. I didn't apply the LiBrow as much as my eyebrows are thick enough, I just used it to fill in a few gaps which worked great.


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  1. These results are amazing, if that's what you got in a month, Imagine the results you'd get over a longer period of time! These products have definitely earned a spot on my wishlist.
    -Kudzai xx


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