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Sunday 21 December 2014

What's a bath without a bath bomb? The only bath products I've used is Lush, that is until Trinite Village sent me these awesome bath bombs and soaps - or in the words of Trinite Village 'Whoopie Blasters' and 'Bath Mallows'. How pretty are they all though?? I couldn't wait to run a hot bath and try them out!

The pink soap smells amazing and is currently sitting beside my sink. It looks so pretty and most importantly it does its job. It doesn't feel harsh on the skin which is important to me as I have sensitive skin. All of the soaps on Trinite Village look so pretty, I just want them all..

The blue soap has an amazing colour! I'm not too keen on the smell. I was expecting it to smell like apples or something fruity - it smells soapy more than anything. It smells like something my nan would use but in saying that it makes it a good present. It's just not for me.

'Spoiled Pretty' bath mallow (the pink one) smelt sooooooooo good - raspberries! The way it fizzed in the bath was awesome too, afterwards the bath was a light pink and I noticed the white flower floating around for a while haha. It contains cocoa and shea butters, pure geranium and vetiver essential oils which they claim to 'relax' and 'balance' you, which I found to be true. It's worth taking a look at the rest of the bath mallows on the site, they're all so pretty.

My favourite was the chocolate/coffee 'whoopie blaster' - I'm not sure what the actual scent was but that's what I smelt. The smell was so much stronger than the bath mallow it smelt incredible. The sprinkles made the bath look like it was sparkling. I love the shape of the 'whoopie blasters'. 



  1. I LOVE Lush bath bombs, I'm well overdue a Lush haul. :)

  2. I love lush, it's amazing!

  3. I totally love these bath bombs. They look gorgeous...almost too good to dissolve in the bath!!! Thanks for sharing.


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