LALALAB Review £5 off!

Saturday 4 October 2014

I'm so excited to be finally telling you about Polagram! I've been thinking about buying a polaroid camera, but when I came across this app there was no need! Polagram kindly let me choose which product to review and I decided to try out the giftbox. Below you can also find a £5 off code.

36 photos for £12.69, you can choose between 'PolaStyle' (which is what I chose), 'Classic' or 'Regular'. I think the price is amazing, not only for the giftbox, but for the other versions available. You can pick from individual prints, large prints, poster, photobook or even a phone case. 

There are a bunch of different ways you can decorate your room with polagram photos, I simply used white string and small pegs (I got from the range for £2) to hang my pictures in 3 rows. They're such a great way to capture memories and display. 

To get your own just download the polagram app and get uploading your photos. Delivery is rather fast and the quality of the prints are amazing. I really love them! I already have plans on buying the photobook... Use my code PGKWQZO1 to get £5 off of your order!


Polagram have recently changed to LALALAB and have added new print sizes, colours  and greeting cards. 


  1. These prints are beautiful, I want to do the same as you have done in my bedroom!

  2. That must be really useful for making decorations and all kinds of books.

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