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Sunday 21 September 2014

Your Dreamcatcher kindly sent me a pair of their jogging bottoms to review. I had to pick them up from the post office because the parcel was too big to fit in my letter box, we were on our way to Ikea so I wasn't able to try them on until we got home. Inside the parcel there was a small card with the logo on one side and the words 'A winner is a dreamer who never gives up. Nelson Mandela' on the other which I thought was nice, the message was rather motivating. 

The joggers themselves are grey and the insides are a soft sort of fleece material which makes them perfect for lounging around in during the winter. The inside material does moult a little, I found bits of grey felt fibre on my leg but this isn't really a major problem, I mean it's probably because they haven't been washed yet. The amount of clothes that do this though, you kind of expect it. It's worth it though because they're lovely and soft. 

I really love the logo, it's the perfect size and I think it looks pretty. I love the feathers and the alternating colours. I got a size 10 because I wanted them to be slightly baggy, I love the way they fit. The cuffed ankles aren't tight at all. I think they'd be better with an elastic waist because I find that I have to tie the string quite tight to keep them up but then again it's probably because I got a bigger size. A few pockets would be handy too but all in all I am really happy with the jogging bottoms I received and I would definitely recommend them to you! You can get yours on Your Dreamcatcher for £27.99, they also sell tops and jewellery.


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